Using ReadyCLOUD app for iPhone, to access your ReadyNAS OS6 remotely
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NETGEAR - ReadyCloud  

This article describes how to use the ReadyCLOUD app to access shares on your ReadyNAS remotely.

Once ReadyCLOUD has been configured on the ReadyNAS, install ReadyCLOUD for your iOS device.

This guide is based on ReadyCLOUD app version 1.5.7 running on iOS version 9.3.1

To configure ReadyCLOUD:

  1. Install ReadyCLOUD from the iTunes Store and launch it.
  2. When prompted with the ReadyCLOUD screen, enter your MyNETGEAR username and password.
  3. Click the Sign In button.
    When the app has finished connecting, it displays the ReadyNAS devices to which your ReadyCLOUD account has access. In this example, there is only one ReadyNAS device.
  4. Tap the ReadyNAS to which you want to connect.
    You are presented with the list of available shares (note that SMB access must be enabled on the shares for them to be accessible via the ReadyCLOUD mobile app).
  5. Tap the share that you want to access.
    If your account has access rights to this share, you see the contents of the share.
  6. To download a file, tap the three blue circle icons to the right of the file.
  7. At the prompt, click the Open button.
  8. Open the downloaded file.



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