ReadySHARE printer set up instructions
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Install the ReadySHARE printer utility:

  1. Connect the USB printer to the router USB port with a USB printer cable.
  2. Install the USB printer driver software on each computer that will share the printer.
    • Note: If you do not have the printer driver, contact the printer manufacturer to find and download the most recent printer driver software.
  3. On each computer that will share the printer, download and install the ReadySHARE Printer Utility (also known as NETGEAR USB Control Center). You MUST install this utility before you can use the ReadySHARE Print feature.

    Note: The ReadySHARE Printer Utility (NETGEAR USB Control Center) can be found on the NETGEAR Download Center. See, and type in your specific router model number, such as R7000. The ReadySHARE Printer Utility is located in a list titled Firmware/Software. The current utility is not compatible with MAC OS X El Capitan 10.11 or higher.

  4. Double-click the ReadySHARE Printer Utility installation file and follow the instructions in the NETGEAR USB Control Center InstallShield Wizard.


  5. After ReadySHARE Printer Utility installation, the NETGEAR USB Control Center displays. Select the printer from the list and click Connect.
    Note: Some firewall software, such as Comodo blocks the NETGEAR USB Control Center from accessing the USB printer. If you do not see the printer displayed, disable the firewall temporarily to allow the utility to work.


    The printer status changes to Manually connected by Mycomputer. Now, only your computer can use the printer.

  6. Click Disconnect.
    The status changes to Available. Now all computers on the network can use the printer.
  7. To exit the utility, click System > Exit.


To use ReadySHARE to scan from your printer:

If your printer supports scanning, make sure that the printer is in Available status, and click the Network Scanner button. This activates the scanner window so you can use the printer for scanning.


The following video demonstrates these steps:



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