ReadyNAS OS 6: Setting up a backup job with rsync over SSH
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ReadyNAS OS 6: Setting up a backup job with rsync over SSH


Using the ReadyNAS

You can use the ReadyNAS to pull data from a server or push data to a server that is running rsync over SSH. Follow the below steps for configuring an rsync over SSH job.

1. Go to Backup > Add Backup 

2. Enter a Backup Job Name, then select your source and destination 

3. Select remote: Rsync over Remote SSH to use the rsync over SSH options.

4. Enter the host, path to store the data on the remote host, and the username to connect to on the other side. 
You can hit test connection to confirm connection, but you'll need the public key added to the destination first. 

5. Click Next

6. Optionally, configure the schedule of this backup job. 

7.  Click Finish


Now, you need to give the public key from the ReadyNAS and attach it to the authorized_keys file of your remote SSH connection.

To confirm that your connection is successful, edit the Backup job and click Destination, then Test Connection test the connection or click OK to finish. 


Note: If your configuration is incorrect, you will receive an error like "Unable to connect to host." 


Using a remote host

When connecting to the ReadyNAS from a remote host, we recommend importing a public key to a user account and not the admin/root account (for security purposes). You can create users under Accounts > Users.

1. Navigate to Accounts > Users.

2. Create a user, unless one already exists that you'd like to use.

3. Click the user and click Settings. 


4. Click the SSH Tab.

5. Click Import Public Key

6. Click Browse and select your public key. (Keys must be uploaded via text file.

7. Once your public key is selected, click Upload

8. The Public key is now allowed for Rsync over Remote SSh.

Note: The RSYNC ONLY checkbox allows users to login strictly for rsync purposes only. To allow full SSH access with that private key, uncheck RSYNC ONLY and check Allow shell access.



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