ReadyNAS 3312, 4312X, or 4312S - Rack-Mount Setup
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Rack-Mount Setup
Use the rack-mount hardware included with your ReadyNAS 3312, 4312X, or 4312S storage system to
install it in a rack.

Note -  A system with installed drives can weigh more than 80 pounds.To avoid injury or damage
to the equipment, perform the rack-mount installation with appropriate assistance.

Read these instructions in their entirety before you begin. Locate the shipping carton, remove the
rack-mounting kit, and prepare to work with it.
The rack-mounting kit contains two rail assemblies. Each assembly consists of two sections:
• An inner fixed chassis rail that secures directly to the system’s chassis
• An outer fixed rack rail that secures directly to the rack itself

To install the system into a rack:
1. Extend the rail assembly by pulling it outward.
2. Press the release tab and separate the inner rail from the outer assembly.

3. Use the provided mounting screws to mount the inner rails to the system chassis, as follows:

a. Fasten the backs of the outer rails to the rack with screws.
b. Press the release to extend the rails.
c. Hang the hooks of the rails in the rack holes, and fasten the rails to the rack.

4. Attach the chassis to the rack, as follows:
a. Extend the ball shuttle to the very front.
b. Align the rails and push the chassis in.
c. Secure the handles to the outer rails with screws.

The rack-mount installation is complete.




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