ReadyDATA OS 1.4.4: Using unsigned drives
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ReadyDATA OS 1.4.4 will only accept 512n hard disk drives. You cannot use 512e hard disk drives. Such drives will be rejected as "unsigned" drives by ReadyDATA OS 1.4.4.

You can tell if the disk is a 512e disk by the "Advanced Format" label shown below

ReadyDATA must use 512n (512 Native) hard disk drives. Below is a matrix list of drives that are supported by the ReadyDATA. There may be drives not on this list that are 512n also. Please use at your descretion.

If you are unsure if the disks you have are 512n formatted, please refer to the vendor specifications.

If you require drive trays for your ReadyDATA system, please refer to the table above for the part number compatible trays. This is a Supermicro part number and can be sourced from leading online resellers.

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