ReadyDATA - iSCSI Expansion with Windows 2012
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ReadyDATA - iSCSI Expansion with Windows 2012

The existing Size of the LUN is 2GB, now we would like to expand to 10G, followings are the procedure

  1. Login to RD5200 Shares Select the LUN which you want to to the expansion.

  2. Click on “Expand size” and input 10GB


  1. It is 10GB now

  1. As you can see under windows 2012/disk manger, Disk 1 get 8GB unallocated

  1. Click on Extend Volume…

  1. By default windows will selected the unallocated space for the expansion, click next to continue

  1. Done of the expansion and you will get 10GB on Disk 1

  1. Check the new size, it is 10GB


  1. It will not erase any files on the existing drive and all the file(s) still there.


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