Outlook Connector vs ActiveSync
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Outlook Connector vs ActiveSync



Machine generated alternative text: Outlook Connector for MDaemon
Outlook Connector for MDaemon provides users access to contacts, tasks, calendars, and notes in their personal
folders as well as public folders. Outlook Connector users are also able to share their email folders, as well as their
calendar, contacts, tasks and notes folders with other users. Outlook Connector works with Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007,
2010, and 2013.
ActiveSync for MDaemon
Users of Outlook 2013 can connect to MDaemon using ActiveSync for MDaemon. When using ActiveSync, Outlook 2013
users can access their personal and public email, calendars, and tasks, as well as the default personal contacts folder,
but not public contacts, shared folders, or notes. ActiveSync only works with Outlook 2013.
I Features
Outlook Connector
(Available for Outlook 2013Iy)
Email V V
Including Multiple Folders Default Contact Folder Only
Calendars V V
Tasks V V
Notes V x
Public Folders V Except Contacts and Notes
Shared Folders V x
Edit Folder Permissions V x
Edit Auto-Responder V
Note: While ActiveSync does support public contacts, and notes, Outlook 2013 does not at this time.


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