NETGEAR ReadyNAS/ReadyDATA iSCSI LUN showing as RAW in Windows
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When you have an iSCSI LUN that was formatted in NTFS and is now showing RAW in Windows, as shown in the screenshot below, then the NTFS file system inside the LUN is corrupt. This corruption makes the data in the LUN inaccessible.

In these situations, the corruption is usually not on the ReadyNAS/ReadyDATA file system and the ReadyNAS/ReadyDATA itself can not repair this problem. Instead, you must run the Windows check disk utility (or other NTFS repair tools) to attempt to repair the corruption.

Repair attempts are not always successful and are done at your own risk. NETGEAR recommends that you always keep backups of your critical data.

To run the Windows check disk utility:

1.  Open the Windows command prompt Start > Run > cmd.

2.  In the command field, enter chkdsk H: /f and press the Enter key.

Replace H: with the drive letter assigned to the problem iSCSI LUN.



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