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Protect Your Data with ReadyDR | NETGEAR ReadyNAS Data Recovery         


  • What is ReadyDR?
    • ReadyDR is an alternative way to backup data on your ReadyNAS device. A ReadyNAS backup makes a copy of files, but a ReadyDR backup makes a copy of the snapshots of a share or LUN.
  • What models of ReadyNAS is ReadyDR available?
    • ReadyDR is available on x86 based ReadyNAS OS 6 systems running OS version 6.6.0 and above. It is not available on ARM based systems (RN10x/ RN20x / RN21x / RN2120).
  • How many jobs does ReadyDR support?
    • There’s no limit to creating ReadyDR jobs, but eventually performance would be degraded if you have a lot of running jobs. Limiting factors would be either drive speed or CPU.
  • Can multiple ReadyDR jobs run at the same time?
    • Yes, multiple ReadyDR jobs can run at the same time (compared to file based backup which is one job at a time).
  • Does ReadyDR use P2P/Cloud services?
    • No, ReadyDR does not use any P2P or Cloud services at this time.
  • Can I send multiple shares/LUNs to one ReadyDR share?
    • No, each ReadyDR share needs to come from a unique share or LUN.
  • If I delete the ReadyDR share after making a clone of a snapshot, will it delete the cloned share?
    • No, the ReadyNAS will not delete the cloned share after deleting the ReadyDR share.
  • Since this is snapshot based, does that mean that data in-between snapshots is not backed up?
    • Yes, ReadyDR only backs up snapshots. As such, anything taken between the last snapshot and the upcoming snapshot would not be backed up. Set the snapshot schedule accordingly to prevent potential data loss.
  • If this ReadyDR job needs to go over the internet, do I need to forward the port on the firewall?
    • Only if the destination ReadyNAS is behind a NAT firewall. If so, you must forward port 5253 from the internet to the ReadyNAS.
  • If I delete all the snapshots on my source dataset or my destination ReadyDR, what will happen?
    • ReadyDR will have nothing to increment from, so it will issue a full backup instead of a incremental backup; however, smart snapshot management will not delete the last two snapshots on a source dataset or a ReadyDR share.
  • Is ReadyDR a high availability solution?
    • No, ReadyDR is not a high availability solution. ReadyDR shares are not immediately ready to take over in the event of a failure. ReadyDR is a disaster recovery implementation. 




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