NETGEAR Insight - how to Upgrade to Insight Pro from the Insight Premium account
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NETGEAR Insight  


This guideline is to show how to Upgrade to Insight Pro account from the Insight Premium account.


Before you start

 Prepare for upgrade

  1. The Insight Pro subscription key.

  2. Disable the Two-Step Verification if you have enabled.

  3. Recommend using the private mode on the browser



Start upgrade


1. Open a browser and go to
Enter the email and press Next.



2. Fill in the insight login and press Next.

3. Fill in the Business Information and press Upgrade.

4. Select the existing location. Press Assign to Organization.


5. Fill in the Add New Organization and press Submit.

6. Now the Organization has been created. Click the Organization name


7. The Location is success added into the organization.



8. To add the license into the account, click the User Account Name at the top right corner, and press Account Management.

Select Subscriptions then press Add Purchase Confirmation Key.


9. Enter the Subscription key, the press Add




10. After adding the subscription key into the Insight Pro, then allocate the credit into the organization.

Go to Credit Allocation, select the correct organization then press Allocate.


11. Press ‘+’ to at Devices Credits, then press Allocate.