M7100-24X(XSM7224) FAQ's
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M7100-24X(XSM7224) FAQ's

What is the 10 Gigabit M7100-24X(XSM7224)?

The M7100-24X(XSM7224) is a fully managed, line-rate 10G Copper 'Base-T' switch. It supports up to 24 10GBase-T(RJ45) and 4 SFP+ ports.

What difference between M7100-24X(XSM7224) and XSM7224S?

  • M7100-24X support up to 24 10GBase-T port, while XSM7224S supports only up to 4 10Gbase-T port.
  • M7100-24X doesn't support stacking mode, while XSM7224S does.
  • M7100-24X doesn't support license feature , IPv4 layer3 routing protocol and IPv6 routing.

Does it support dual images?

Yes, It supports Dual image feature. Dual Image feature allows switches to have two images in the permanent storage. User can denote any of these images as an active image that will be loaded in subsequent reboot. This feature provides for reduced down-time for the switches, when the image is being upgraded / downgraded.

What is the USB port on the front panel for?

The USB port allows user to download/upload switch firmware or configure file using USB flash device. It is also used to recover the firmware image through the utility menu during boot up. It is more effective and easier than using XMODEM serial port protocol for transferring the firmware.

What is the Mini-USB console port on the front panel for?

The Mini-USB console port allows user to access switch with a USB cable directly. Before user use the Mini-USB , he must install the USB driver first. The USB driver is in the CD in the packet or get it from the following link:

What 10G SFP+ optical module does it support?

It supports AXM761/762/763 and AXC761/763/753.

What 1000MBase-X SFP optical module does it support?

Netgear provides two flavors of gigabit SFP modules; AGM731F, AGM732F.

How many hardware output queues does the switch support?

It has eight internal hardware queues for every port to support IEEE 802.1P QOS service and Diffserv applications.

Does the it provide any advanced security features?

It provides an extended list of network security features like, IEEE 802.1x, MAC filtering, ACL, port security, private group, DHCP snooping, IP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection and Captive Portal, in addition to the standard SSL/SSH encryption services for switch admin access. See the product data sheet for more detail.

Does it support ProSafe Control Center GUI?

Yes, It support new ProSafe Control Center GUI for easy of switch management.

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