M4300 - Resetting to factory default using the boot menu
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This article describes the process required to reset an M4300 managed switch to factory default settings using the boot menu. This will erase the configuration of the switch.
1. Open a console connection to the switch using a terminal emulation program with these settings:
o Speed (baud): 115200
o Data bits: 8
o Stop bits: 1
o Parity: None
o Flow control: XON/XOFF
2. Reboot the switch and monitor the console output closely.
3. As soon as Checking for application is displayed, press and hold Q on your keyboard to interrupt the normal boot cycle:

4. Hold Q until the boot menu displays:

5. In the boot menu, type 6 and press Enter.
6. The switch erases the configuration and then returns to the boot menu.
7. Type 11 and press Enter to reboot the switch.

8. The switch reboots with factory default settings.


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