How to calculate network switch forwarding rate (Mpps)?
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NETGEAR - Switches  

Switching Forwarding Rate.

For example: The value of this parameter on Netgear GS108Ev3 is 11.9Mpps.
How can I calculate this value?


The switching forwarding rate = ports number × corresponding packet forwarding rate of ports.

The packet forwarding rate for gigabit port =1,000,000,000bps / 8bit / (64+8+12) byte=1,488,095pps
Pps is short for packets per second. Because we use 64 bytes per packet as the test standard of packet forwarding rate, and the 8 bytes are for the frame header. The 12 bytes are for the frame interval.
So for the gigabit port, the packet forwarding rate is 1,488,095pps =1.488Mpps. And for the fast ethernet port, the packet forwarding rate is 0.1488Mpps.

On GS108Ev3, there are 8 gigabit ports:-
The switching forwarding rate = 1.488Mpps * 8 = 11.9Mpps



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