How to add a 2.5-Inch Disk on ReadyNAS (Rack-Mount Model)
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To add a 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) or 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD):
1. Determine whether you must shut down your system:
• If you are adding disks to a diskless system, gracefully shut down the system.
For information about how to gracefully shut down your system, see the Preferred Shutdown section
of the chapter that describes your system.
• If your system is operating with one or more disks, you can add disks while the system is running.
You do not need to shut down the system.
2. Press the disk tray release latch.

The tray handle pops out.
3. Pull out the disk tray.
4. Remove the plastic air blocker from the disk tray.

5. Place the new 2.5-inch HDD or SSD in the disk tray.

6. Secure the drive in the tray using the screws that came with your storage system.

Make sure that the hard disk connectors face the interior of the disk tray when you assemble the disk.

7. Slide the disk tray back into the drive bay of the system.
8. Press the disk tray handle until it latches closed.

The disk tray is secured in the drive bay.









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