How does the continuous video recording or CVR feature work?
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How does the continuous video recording or CVR feature work?

Continuous video recording, or CVR, is an optional feature available on Arlo Q cameras. CVR records all the action 24/7 so you can rewind any camera to any minute of any day and catch anything you missed. CVR captures everything in the background and can be accessed any time by tapping or clicking the clock icon.


Arlo Q records CVR in addition to recordings that the camera records because of rules.

The following images show the CVR interface and the difference between live mode and scrolling back to previous dates and time using the timeline.



The gear icon in the top right of the screen is a shortcut to the Settings menu for the camera that is currently being viewed in CVR. To return to CVR, click or tap Back.



To navigate through the timeline, tap and hold the timeline. Drag it to the left to go back in time (either 14 or 30 days back, depending on your CVR plan). Drag it to the right to move towards more recent recordings.


On the web page, click to navigate to a specific time or click and drag to scroll through the timeline.


To return to the live feed, tap the Go Live icon in the bottom right corner.


To jump to a specific day in the timeline, click the Calendar icon. A timeline displays with a string of dates.

Calendar Icon


The calendar view displays a string of dates. Small green dots represent the days that the CVR feature recorded. A large green dot represents the current day.

Calendar View


As the camera records CVR content, it notes when motion or sound was detected during the continuous recording. Note: For these indicators to display in the timeline, a Mode configured with motion or sound triggers must be armed.


Using the mobile app, pinch to zoom to see a more detailed view of the timeline.


On the web client, click 24 hr, 1 hr, or 5 min to change your timeline detail.


While in the CVR interface, you can easily go to landscape mode by rotating your device.

To hide the timeline, tap TIMELINE. To display the timeline, tap TIMELINE again.





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