How do I create a user account on my ReadyDATA storage system?
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How do I create a user account on my ReadyDATA storage system?

Except for administrative accounts, management of user accounts applies to the local user database only. If you select an Active Directory, user accounts are pulled into the ReadyDATA from the Active Directory server.

You can create up to 65,535 user accounts on the ReadyDATA.

To create a user account:

1. Select Security.

Make sure that the Users button is highlighted (it should be by default; if it is not, click the Users button). The Security screen displays. If you have not yet created any users accounts, none are shown, that is, no default user accounts exist.


2. Click the New User button (Image).

The New User pop-up screen displays:


3. Configure the settings as explained in the following table.

With exception of the Email Address field, all field are required.




Enter a name to identify the user. User names can have a maximum of 31 characters in most non-Asian languages. If you use Asian language characters, the limit is lower. You can use most alphanumeric and punctuation characters for a user name.


Either leave the assignment of the user ID (UID) as Automatic, or enter a custom UID. If you leave automatic assignment, UIDs are assigned in increments of 1, starting with 100. That is, UIDs are assigned as 100, 101, 102, and so on.

Primary Group

From the drop-down list, select the primary group to which the user is assigned. The default group is called users.

Note: In addition to belonging to a single primary group, a user can belong to many other groups. You can assign additional groups on the group detail pane.

Email Address

As an option, enter the email address of the user.


Enter a password. Each user password can have a maximum of 255 characters.

Re-enter Password

Reenter the user password.


4. Click Create.

The user is added to the table on the Security screen.

Note: On the Security screen, users are sorted by user name. You cannot change the sort order.


This article applies to the following ReadyDATA storage systems:

  • ReadyDATA 516
  • ReadyDATA 5200
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