How do I create a share on my ReadyDATA storage system?
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How do I create a share on my ReadyDATA storage system?

After you create a volume, you can create shares on that volume..


To create a share:

1. Select Shares.

2. Click the Data Set button (with four cubes, Image).

The Shares screen displays, showing the configured volumes on the left:


3. Click the + button (Image) to the right of the volume to which you want to add a share.

The New Share pop-up screen displays:


4. Configure the settings as explained in the following table:




A unique name to identify the share. Do not include spaces in the name.


An optional description to help identify the share.


Select the Compression check box to enable data compression. Compression saves storage space and increases the speed of data transfers, but the compression and decompression processes require additional resources. By default, the Compression check box is cleared.


Select the Dedupe check box to enable deduplication, which prevents storage of redundant data on the share. Unique data is stored only once on the share, and other instances of the identical data are removed and replaced by a pointer to the unique data. This storage method saves storage space and increases the speed of data transfers. By default, the Dedupe check box is cleared.


Select the Continuous Protection check box to enable data protection through snapshots and configure the frequency at which snapshots are made. By default, the Continuous check box is selected.

Smart Snapshot Management

Select the Smart Snapshot Management check box to enable automatic snapshot pruning. When enabled, this feature deletes older snapshots so that hourly snapshots are kept for 48 hours, daily snapshots are kept for 4 weeks, weekly snapshots are kept for 8 weeks, and monthly snapshots are kept indefinitely.


The interval specifies how often a snapshot is made. Make a selection from the drop-down list:

  • Hourly. A snapshot is taken every hour on the hour.
  • Daily. A snapshot is taken every day at midnight. This is the default setting.
  • Weekly. A snapshot is taken every week on Friday at midnight.

Share (NAS)

Click the Share (NAS) button, which is the default setting. (Clicking the LUN (SAN) button creates a LUN.)


Select the check boxes for the file-sharing protocols that you want to enable on the share:

  • SMB
  • NFS
  • AFP
  • FTP

Note: If the New Share pop-up screen displays a red triangle with an exclamation mark for a protocol (for example, Image), the protocol is globally disabled.


If you do not set a size, the share has unlimited access to the storage space on the volume, and the utilization rate of the share is greatly improved (over predefining the size) because storage space is assigned only as data is written to the share. By default, there is no quota and reserve set when you create a share.


Select the Size check box and enter the size of the storage space that is available to the share.

Select the unit of measurement from the drop-down list:

  • MB.
  • GB. This is the default unit of measurement.
  • TB.


Select the Reserve check box to reserve guaranteed storage space for the share on the volume.


5. Click Create.

The ReadyDATA confirms the creation of a share with the message "Data Set successfully created." The new share is added to the Shares screen. Basic information is displayed to the right of the share.

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