How do I clone a snapshot using the snapshot timeline on my ReadyDATA?
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How do I clone a snapshot using the snapshot timeline on my ReadyDATA storage system?

You can copy a snapshot to become a new independent data set (that is, a new share or LUN). Changes made to the clone do not affect the parent ("origin") and changes made to the parent do not affect the clone. To handle storage in an efficient way, common blocks of data between the parent and the clone are shared. Because the clone is linked to the parent in this way, the parent cannot be deleted when a clone exists. Additionally, the clone cannot be migrated to a volume that does not contain the parent.

To clone a snapshot using the snapshot timeline:

1. Select Shares.

2. Click the Snapshot button (with a clock, ).

The Snapshot screen displays.

The shares and LUNs are displayed on the left of the screen.

3. Select the share or LUN whose snapshots you want to view.

4. Locate the snapshot using the controls on the timeline.

Snapshots are displayed as purple marker icons along the timeline.

  • The timeline centers on the zoom icon (Image) as you zoom in and out. You can move the zoom icon by clicking anywhere along the timeline. Moving the zoom icon establishes a new center of focus when you zoom in and out.
  • Adjust the vertical slider on the right of the timeline as needed. To expand the timeline to years, click the + button. To limit the timeline to hours, click the - button.


  • Use the arrow buttons to the left and right of the timeline as needed to move forward in time (right arrow button) or back in time (left arrow button) in time.

Note: The following screenshot does not include a snapshot because it was not taken in the 2:00 AM-2:50 AM timespan.


Tip: Click the clock icon that is located in the middle of the Snapshot screen under the name of the selected share or LUN. A calendar pop-up screen displays, allowing you to jump to a desired month and date.

5. Right-click the snapshot that you want to roll back to clone.

6. From the pop-up menu that displays, select Clone.

A pop-up screen displays:

7. In the Name field, enter a new name for the share or LUN.

8. Click Apply.

A cloned snapshot is added to the Shares screen as a new share or LUN. A new share is immediately accessible to users. A new LUN first needs to be added to a LUN group before users can gain access to it.



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