How do i add my ReadyNAS OS6 Storage to the ReadyCloud?
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NETGEAR - ReadyCloud  

The ReadyCLOUD service is preinstalled on your ReadyNAS storage system. Before you can access your system using ReadyCLOUD, you must add your system to your ReadyCLOUD account.

To add your ReadyNAS system to ReadyCLOUD:

1. On the local admin page, select the Cloud tab.

2. Set the On-Off slider so the sldier shows the On position to enable ReadyCLOUD.

3. On the pop-up screen that displays, enter your ReadyCLOUD account credentials.


4. Click the Join button.

Your system is added to ReadyCLOUD.

The ReadyCLOUD account that you used to add your system to ReadyCLOUD is automatically granted access to your system as the ReadyCLOUD admin.

You can now use the ReadyCLOUD web portal to access your system from anywhere that has an Internet connection.


Note: If you decide to remove your system from ReadyCLOUD, any ReadyCLOUD users that you added will lose access to the system.


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