How do I access a shared folder on my ReadyNAS by using a Windows device?
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How do I access a shared folder on my ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system by using a network-attached Windows device?

You can access shared folders on your ReadyNAS system using a network-attached Windows-based device.


To access a shared folder using a network-attached Windows device:

1. Ensure that the SMB file-sharing protocol is enabled on your ReadyNAS system.

2. Enter \\ in the Windows Explorer address bar.


<host name> is the name that you assigned to your ReadyNAS system or the default host name if you did not change it.

Note: If you cannot access the ReadyNAS using its host name, try entering \\ in the Windows Explore address bar instead. is the IP address of the ReadyNAS.

You are prompted to log in to your ReadyNAS system.

3. Enter a user ID and password.

You can log in with administrator or user credentials. If you log in as a user, your access is limited by the settings configured by the ReadyNAS system administrator.

Windows Explorer displays the contents of all available shared folders on your ReadyNAS system.

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