First Time setup on NETGEAR Managed Switches by using EZconfig
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NETGEAR - Switches  

Configure the switch with EZConfig utility using the console port.

  1. Access the switch's CLI interface via console port. (console port settings - Baud rate: 115200 /Data bits: 8 /Parity: none /Stop bit: 1 /Flow Control: None)
  2. Login with user name "admin" and hit Enter (no password is needed for initial configuration) when prompt for password.
  3. At the next prompt, type "ezconfig" and press Enter.
  4. The EZConfig utility is now running in the switch. Follow the on screen questions to initialize the switch.



From factory default or brand new, all managed switches received its management IP address from DHCP server.

If a DHCP server is not present, it will be assign a default IP address of



To use a console, you need the follow items:

  • VT100/ANSI terminal, or a Window computer, Apple Macintosh computer, or UNIX workstation
  • USB console cable (shipped with the product) or a null-modem cable (not shipped with the product) with 9-pin connectors on each end.
  1. Select a console port using the console switch on the rear panel:
    • Select the mini USB port on the rear panel (cable included) as the console port by pushing the slide switch to the left. Use the installation CD to install the USB driver on your computer. Note: You might need to install the USB serial port driver available on the CD included with the package before you can use the USB port on the computer to connect to the switch.
    • Select the DB9 (cable not included) on the rear panel as the console port by pushing the slide switch to the right.
  2. Start a terminal emulation program (TEP) using the appropriate method for your operating system:
    • Start a TEP. Windows users can use HyperTerminal.
    • Windows Vista users should download a TEP from the Internet.
    • Macintosh users can use ZTerm.
    • UNIX users can use a terminal emulator such as TIP.
  3. Configure the TEP to use the following settings (written below the connector on the switch front panel):
    • Baud rate: 115200 bps
    • Data bits: 8
    • Parity: none
    • Stop bit: 1
    • Flow control: none

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