FAQ - How do I interpret my Arlo camera's signal strength?
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How do I interpret my Arlo camera's signal strength?

You can determine the camera’s wireless connectivity by observing the signal strength icon (highlighted in the red box below).

Signal Strength.PNG

The number of bars in the signal strength relates directly to performance.

The more bars there are, the better the performance (and longer battery life**).

 0 bars.png 0 bars - Camera is not connected. Camera is offline.

 1 bar.png 1 bar - Camera is near the limit of its Radio Frequency (RF) range and has a high risk of losing connection to the Arlo Base Station and/or having trouble streaming (e.g. degraded video quality).

**Lower bars also generally mean more power consumption, as information must be transmitted at slower data rates, and often need to be retransmitted, resulting in reduced battery life.

 2 bars.png 2 bars - Signal is stronger than 1 bar and there is less chance of disconnection.

 3 bars.png 3 bars - Signal is much stronger than 2 bars and there is even less chance of disconnections. Improved streaming experience.  

 4 bars.png4 bars - Strongest Signal with the least chance of disconnects. Best streaming performance.

Another factor that affects performance is interference from other Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi devices (e.g. cordless home phones).

You must also consider the signal strength bars against the environment the Arlo system is in. For example: 2 bars on your driveway camera may have a better connection than 2 bars on a similar camera in an office environment that hosts a lot of other wireless technology.


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