External Antennas for NETGEAR AirCard products
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AirCards have antenna connectors to enable customers to improve their cellular network coverage. Antennas can be purchased through 3rd party vendors.

Antennas are not supported by NETGEAR as they have not been officially tested. As long as the connector type on the antenna matches the connectors on the AirCard it should work fine. The antenna will also have to support the frequency bands used by the cellular carrier.

AirCard mobile hotspots such as AC79xS, AC78xS,AC77xS,76xS and AC75xS use dual (two) SMK-TS9 connectors for a MIMO antenna.

Note: NETGEAR is not responsible for any antenna incompatibility and any support should be directed to the 3rd party vendors.    


To connect an external antenna to the NETGEAR AirCard USB modem/mobile hotspot, an antenna with a single or dual SMK TS-9 male connectors (or antenna with a single or dual SMK TS-9 male adapters) is required.


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