Deployment Notes / Limitations: On ReadyNAS
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Deployment Notes / Limitations: (Based On ReadyNAS OS6.4.0)

  1. Wake on LAN (WOL) will not be supported on the ReadyNAS 4220 at this time using the 10GbE port.  Use the 1GbE port for WOL.
  2. There is no error message presented in the local admin GUI when the USB key is missing from the system for encrypted volumes.  The LCD display will present a message that the USB key is missing.
  3. If the USB key is missing for encrypted volumes, the power LED will blink for 10 minutes. If no USB key is plugged in within 10 minutes, the encrypted volume won't be mounted and will be inactive.
  4. If a Flex-RAID volume has been expanded, the volume cannot be switched back to X-RAID mode..
  5. If you wish to remove a USB storage device, you should first eject the drive in the local admin GUI before removing the USB device from the ReadyNAS to prevent errors on the file system of the USB device.
  6. ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 only support creating iSCSI LUNs 8TB and smaller.
  7. ReadyNAS devices updated to ReadyNAS 6.4.0 or later cannot be downgraded to earlier version.
  8. When initially upgrading your ReadyNAS to 6.4.0, a quota scan takes place during boot. This may cause the unit to take some time to do a scan, depending on your volume usage. Allow some time when restarting your ReadyNAS for the first time after upgrading.

Date: 16 Oct., 2015



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