Configuring Access Control on Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router
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Configuring Access Control on Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router


By default, NETGEAR wireless routers allow any wired and wireless devices (computer, printer, smartphone etc.) to access the Internet. But by using the “Access Control” feature, we can allow/block Internet access to a specified list of wired and wireless devices.

This article describes the setup of access control feature on R7000 Nighthawk smart Wi-Fi router. For all other routers, this feature is applicable only for wireless devices and not for wired.


  • improve the security of the network
  • configure Access Control
  • limit the wired and wireless devices that connect to the router.
  • allow only the trusted device to access Internet.
  • block neighbor devices from accessing your Internet.


  1. Open a web browser and access the Genie by typing or using the routers default gateway IP address ( in the address bar
  2. Enter the following credentials
    Username: admin
    Password: password
  3. Under the ADVANCED tab, Click on Security and then Access Control. Select Turn on Access control check box.


  4. Access rule allows you to customize the access control by enabling either one of the below two options.
    1. Allow all new devices to connect:

      When we enable this option, it gives Internet access to all the new devices connecting to router, but denies Internet access to the devices which are already blocked.


    2. Block all new devices from connecting:

    When you this option, it allows only the connected devices to access internet and blocks Internet access to all new devices connecting to router.



    Blocked wired devices will be denied of the Internet, router access and local network to wireless devices but can access other wired devices.

    Blocked wireless devices will be denied to all (Internet, LAN network wired and wireless and router access).

  5. To allow access to the trusted device that is blocked or to block access to the device which already have access to Internet
    1. Check the box adjacent to the device (1) which you want to block or allow with reference to the Device name, IP address, Mac Address and the connection type.
    2. Then click on Block (2) to block Internet access as shown in the below figure (or)


    3. Click on Allow (2) to allow Internet access to the devices which are blocked as shown below

  6. To view the list of allowed devices those are not currently connected to the network click on “View list of allowed devices not currently connected to the network”.


  7. And to view the list of blocked devices those are not currently connected to the network click on “View list of blocked devices not currently connected to the network”.


    Any modification done on the access rule, (for example changing the rule from “Allow all new devices to connect” to “Block all new devices from connecting” or vice versa) will not take effect on the devices listed above under allowed and blocked list until they are removed or edited from the list.

  8. To remove or edit the devices listed under allowed and blocked list, 
    1. Check the device (1) which you want to remove or edit,
    2. Click on “Remove from the list” (2) to remove the device permanently from the allowed and blocked list as shown below



    3. Click on edit (2) to modify the access control from Allow to Block or Block to Allow depending on the list and click apply, as shown below






    Note:  “Step 7” also replicates the same process specified on the above steps to allow and block devices in a couple of clicks.

  9. To add a device manually to allowed and blocked list using the Mac address and Device Name similar to wireless access control list,
    1. Click on add under view list of allowed or blocked devices not currently connected to the network.
    2. Enter the Mac address and the device name (1) with respect to the list you want to add the device and click apply (2) as shown below.







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