AirCard 785 FAQ'S
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AirCard 785 FAQs

Why do I need to always have the latest firmware on my NETGEAR product?
Having the latest firmware will help increase the stability, functionality and performance of your product. The new and most up-to-date firmware will likely correct issues as well as potentially add new and improved features to the product.

Which mobile operators is the AirCard 785 compatible with?
AirCard 785 is unlocked for use with networks worldwide; the AirCard 785 supports the following 4G/LTE networks with the following frequency bands 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz in EU, parts of Southeast Asia and 3G networks with following frequency bands 850/900/1900/2100 MHz worldwide.

How do I activate the AirCard 785?
Customers must use the AC785 with an active SIM card which can be purchased from a mobile operator in your country. Data plan fees apply, and are sold directly by the mobile operator.
The AC785 automatically configures network settings for virtually all operators in Europe and Southeast Asia. However, some of the smaller operators and/or MVNO’s require additional configuration.

Can I use the AirCard 785 without an active data plan?
No, the AC785 does not work without a paid data plan. Data plan and SIM card can be purchased from a mobile operator in your area.

Why would I use a Mobile Hotspot rather than tether from my mobile phone?
The NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot (AC785) is preferred over tethering for 4 major reasons.

  • People do not want to drain their mobile phone’s battery by tethering.
  • People prefer the broadband/internet performance of the Mobile Hotspot over the performance of their tethered mobile phone.
  • If the mobile internet connection is to be shared, for example between family members, many people prefer a separate device than their phone, which is more personal – you may give your family member a mobile hotspot for a business trip, but not give them your phone.
  • Many phones are not LTE capable, however the NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot (AC785) is.

Does the AirCard 785 work in North America?
Yes, the AirCard 785 will work with any GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA network such as AT&T or T-mobile. Unfortunately no North American LTE networks are supported.

How can I extend battery life?

  • Manually power off or configure to use a smaller Wi-Fi range within the advanced settings.
  • Connect the device to your computer via the USB cable and disable Wi-Fi.
  • Decrease the brightness of the LCD or turn it off.
  • Limit number of Wi-Fi users.
  • Use short Wi-Fi range.
  • For more tips on extending battery life, please visit: Battery tips for AirCard Mobile Hotspots

How do I limit data usage?
Be aware that most devices will treat the AC785 as an unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection and you can limit the amount of data usage your AC785 uses by doing the following:

  • When not in use, disconnect any extraneous Wi-Fi devices.
  • Turn off UPDATES on connected devices as they can use a large amount of data.
  • Turn off cloud backup for devices connected to the AC785.
  • Turn off all streaming data when not in use.

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