4ipnet APM100 auto provision not working
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When you use 4ipnet APM100 to do auto provision on 4ipnet APs, you may find in some case only IP address is assigned to the AP, but all the template profile not apply.

This may be caused by the switch connecting APM100 and 4ipnet APs. We encounter this problem in Netgear GS728TPP. By default, GS728TPP IPv6 is enabled and we found the auto provision packet from APM100 is miss identified as IPv6 MLD packet causing 4ipnet APs not receiving the template profile.

Solution is disable the IPv6 in GS728TPP and auto provision will work as normal.


    Published on: 5/3/2018 5:19:31 PM   |  Last updated: 5/3/2018 5:20:42 PM  

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