How do I horizontally expand an existing volume on my ReadyDATA?
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NETGEAR - ReadyData  

Horizontal expansion requires that you add the correct number of disks for the selected RAID level, and that the disks are of the same physical performance level (disk type, speed, and size). For example, you can expand an existing volume that consists of four disks in a RAID 6 set by adding four more disks.

The following table explains the minimum number of disks required to expand a volume horizontally:

RAID Level

Number of Disks Required for Expansion




Even number. RAID level automatically upgrades to RAID 10.


3 or a multiple of 3.


4 or a multiple of 4.


4 or more, but an even number.

To expand an existing volume horizontally:

1. Add the required number of disks to your storage system as indicated in Table 4.

For more information about how to add a disk to your system, see the hardware manual for your system, which is available at

2. Select System > Storage.

The Storage screen displays.


3. To the left of the graphical enclosure, click the volume that you want to expand.

4. In the enclosure, click the disk or disks that you want to add to the volume.

You can select disks with a black color coding only. The selected disk or disks are highlighted, and to the left of the enclosure, the Expand button displays:


Note: The Expand button becomes available only if you select a sufficient number of disks for the configured RAID level of the volume.

5. Click Expand.

A pop-up screen displays, asking you to confirm the expansion.

6. Click Yes.

The volume is expanded, and updated information about the volume displays to the left of the enclosure.



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